eBay Find: Vintage ’79 IMSA Corvette Hits Auction

If you aren’t familiar with the International Motor Sports Association (IMSA), don’t feel bad because not a lot of people are. However, if there’s one thing to learn, it’s there was an iconic Corvette campaigned in that series, piloted by Joe Chamberlain, which is now up for sale on eBay.com. This memorable Corvette was built by John and Bert Greenwood and featured massive body bulges, creating an awe-inspiring design on wheels that dominated high-end exotics of the era.

Though we found this example is in poor shape while cruising our favorite sites, it still conjures up a nostalgic feel and leaves open the possibility to bring this IMSA icon back to life to race another day. This car in particular was campaigned by successful Trans AM and SCCA A/Sedan driver Joe Chamberlain during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Initially powered by a twin-turbo small-block, it eventually was pulled in favor of a big-block; both were capable of producing near quadruple digit horsepower. What’s more, many of the components from both motors are included with the sale as well as full documentation. Talk about bang-for-the-buck!

The sale includes lots of engine and drivetrain parts including two blocks, piston sets, one aluminum set and iron set of cylinder heads, distributors, MSD systems, water pumps, and an alternator with the brackets and fasteners. For oiling, the sale also features the dry sump pumps, tank, plumbing and the pan. That’s not all either as the lot will throw in some miscellaneous turbos, electronics, piping, exhaust components and intercoolers with ducting and mounts.

If this price is right and with some elbow grease using these spare parts and components, you could own one of the quickest nostalgic IMSA cars ever created. For more details on this particular car, be sure to take a look at the eBay auction link right here.

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