As a society that is regularly exposed to the internet, sometimes we’re able to see inside the folds of imaginations that we normally wouldn’t be able to see without such a tool. If you’ve spent any amount of time browsing the pages of the web, you’ve probably stumbled across some corners of the net that seem a bit absurd. This definitely isn’t the strangest thing we’ve seen, but its escalation to pure randomness leaves us baffled.

F0r starters, the eBay ad shows a few models leaning up against the ‘Vette in question. It’s not the strangest occurance because as we all know, sex sells. This could be an effective way to draw attention to your advertisement. Where it starts to get weird is when a picture of Santa Clause behind the wheel is introduced to the mix. Again, Santa behind the wheel of a shiny red Corvette isn’t the strangest happening, but when combined with half naked women, the jolly old fat guy seems to be a bit out of place. This may be another clever sales tactic to promote the car as a money maker instead of a regular old automobile. We can handle this, the countless hours of internet surfing has pretty much desensitized us to little oddities like this.

However, things kinda go haywire when the picture of the guy holding a dummy comes into play. When you wrap it all up with a description that sounds like the owner is quite unfamiliar with the car, you have what we like to call “internet gold.” Somebody should tell the folks at eBay to have a “best of” section like Craigslist does. This would certainly be in the running to be the inaugural addition.