eBay Find: Shadi Customs 1981 GMC “Corvette Truck”

You know things are bad when someone starts a description in an eBay auction like this: “First off, this is for real, yes. I know some people have a negative opinion of this truly unique custom, [but] I have heard it all before so please keep negative comments to yourself.”

Ok, fair enough. We’ll keep our negative comments to ourselves, since the pictures seem to do plenty of talking for themselves, and we’ll deliver just the facts. Meet the 1981 Shadi Customs Corvette GMC Pick Up Truck.

These “Corvette Pickups” were produced in the late 80’s and early 90’s by a company called “Shadi Customs.” You could either buy the fiberglass body kit from Shadi and install it yourself, or you could take your truck to them for a full Shadization at the cost of almost $6,000. This particular example features a yellow and purple two tone custom paint job, done in the typical style of the day, and in the interior its purple crushed velour as far as the eye can see. If that doesn’t make you want to place a bid, then maybe the TV in the center console and full CB radio system will be enough to push you over the top.

You know, car guys are always saying how they want to drive something “unique”, and this truck is definitely just that. Plus, it’s about as rare of a vehicle as you are ever going to find – there were less than a dozen ever made. How’s that for added collector value?

The eBay Auction for the Corvette Truck ends January 17th, so bid early and bid often.

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