eBay Find: Rare Numbers-Matching ’63 Split Window Corvette

Many people wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to own a rare sports car if the price was right. Now is your chance to own a numbers-matching, split-window Corvette. If you bid high enough on eBay, this beauty could be yours. Bid fast because the auction closes on June 9th.

Built on January 15,1963, the Corvette that is up for auction has the original, F1016RE-stamped engine in it. The V8 engine boasts 340 HP and has only 58,717 original miles on it. The car also has a four-speed transmission.

This is a real red and black Corvette. According to the description, the body is completely straight and the paint is in pristine condition. The interior is clean and looks brand new. Even the engine bay is sparkling clean. In the eBay post, over a dozen photos are included, showing just how nice of a condition this car is in.

As of  June 6th, the bidding had reached just over $44,500 without clearing the reserve. With only 14 bids made, there is plenty of room to place your own bid if you are interested in owning this numbers-matching Corvette. It looks like you’ll need to be willing to spend a bit of cash if you want to be the new owner of the Vette. While the reserve seems to be set fairly high, in this case, a hefty price will buy you a very rare automobile.

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