eBay Find: Pratt & Miller C6RS Race Corvette

pratt-1How will history remember the C6 Corvette? If you ask us, future car historians will look back on the C6 as the car that gave the Corvette its performance credibility back. While the C5 certainly had some racing chops, it was the C6 that went on to dominate the American Le Mans Series and gave us incredible variants like the 638 horsepower ZR1. There is no doubt that the C6 brought power back to the ‘Vette brand. 

Up on eBay right now is a small slice of Corvette C6 racing history. If your pockets are deep enough, you can own one of the seven 2007 Corvette C6RS street legal race cars built by none other than Pratt & Miller.

Pratt & Miller is the team behind Corvette Racing since the late 1980s, and in 2007 General Motors approached Pratt & Miller about building a very, very limited edition Corvette supercar. Meant to commemorate the Corvette’s victory on the racetrack, the Corvette C6RS was built to the same specs as the race car, but in a way that allows it to be street legal.

That means a 600 horsepower, 8.2 liter naturally-aspirated Katech V8 engine, a 100% carbon fiber body, ram air induction system, and a race-prepped T-56 six-speed transmission. This is just a taste of the racing parts that went into these cars, each one of which cost $330,000 to build and took a year to put together.

This eBay sale is for one of just five C6RS Corvettes in private hands, with two being retained by Pratt & Miller. Jay Leno has another one, leaving just four out in private collectors’ hands. Bidding has already crossed the $100,000 threshold, but it will probably take a lot more money than that for this rare, street-legal Corvette race car to change hands.


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