America has managed to build some of the most memorable and hardy specialty vehicles in the world. For performance vehicles, perhaps no American ride is as well known as the Chevy Corvette, which has been around for almost 60 years as the go-to choice for high performance applications. American isn’t just known for fast cars though; we’ve also built rugged symbols of freedom like the original Jeep, which has won the hearts and minds of men and women across the planet since World War II.

But never in our wildest dreams would we have imagined this crazy combination of a CJ-7 Jeep and a Corvette that Jalopnik found on eBay. But somebody did it… and we don’t think the “Jeepvette”  looks half bad. What about you?

The ridiculous vehicle is a combination of the body of a 1977 Jeep CJ-7, wrapped around the chassis of a 1984 C4 Corvette. That’s not where the transplant stops though, as the engine is a 5.3 liter V8 from a Chevy Tahoe, and the automatic transmission came from a 2001 Camaro SS. So what we have here is an old chassis with an older body rocking a fairly modern drivetrain.

Pretty impressive stuff  to get all these various components working together, but the builder did it, and it is surely the most unique performance vehicle we’ve seen in quite a while. It is definitely the best-handling Jeep ever built, at least in terms of road racing, and it is baller enough to cart around even the most pampered of asses. But would you really want to drive this one-off creation? Tell us in the comments below.