GM has never deigned it important or wise to create a four-door, limo-like Corvette. Instead it has always been a dedicated sports coupe with seating for two, and it has managed to survive nearly 60 years like that. Of course that hasn’t stopped some enterprising Corvette fans from creating their own four-door Corvette limos, and there have probably been hundreds, perhaps even thousands of home hackjobs done to convert Corvettes into limos, sedans, or whatever you want to call it.

This one particular Corvette keeps cropping up on eBay, this time with a Buy It Now price of $290,290.  And unlike many four-door ‘Vettes, this one was done as a limited edition run sold out of Thompson Chevrolet in Illinois in 1980.

This Corvette has a rich history, and is one of only six ever built. Designed and built by California Custom Coach in Pasadena, California , which originally planned to build 40 of these wild rides at $35,000 a pop (three times the cost of a normal C3 Corvette.) But high interest rates and the economics of the 1980’s kept production down to just six cars, including one prototype. It is essentially a standard ’80 Corvette, but with two extra seats and doors, and has just 20,000 miles on the odometer. It is also the last of its kind, as the other five cars have been (mercifully) destroyed over the last 30 years.

Does that make it worth nearly $300,000? Judging from the number of times this Corvette has been listed for sale, we’d say probably not in this economy. Maybe in a few more years though, this remaining piece of history could very well be worth that kind of dough. And what with the recent talk of a four-door Corvette to compete with the likes of Porsche, it might not be too far fetched to say that interest in this car could peak if the conditions are right.