It’s tough to think of a more iconic model of Corvette than the 1963 Corvette Sting Ray Split Window Coupe. It’s no wonder that today these cars are still looked to as cornerstones of the best corvette collections in the world, and even rough versions needing complete restoration will fetch top dollar from buyers. However, if you want to talk about C2’s that call for seriously big bucks, just take a look at the ultra-rare 1963 Z06’s.

This exquisite Sebring Silver Sting Ray Z06 we found listed on eBay features all the performance goodies you would expect in a Z06, including a 360 horsepower fuel injected small block, a close ratio M21 4-speed transmission, and a Positraction rear axle with 4:11 gears. One of the things that make this particular Z06 especially rare is its 36-gallon gas tank (N03), which was originally included as part of the Z06 package, but dropped early in 1963. That massive fuel tank takes up a large portion of the cargo space, and is the reason this car is referred to as a “big tank” Z06.

So, what’s the asking price? Oh, not that much really; just a jaw dropping $275,000 for the Buy It Now. However, the owner has the Z06 listed with No Reserve, and all you’ll have to come up with to make the opening bid is just $245,000. Bidding ends March 10th, so get your financial advisor on the phone now, and start cashing in those CDs.