eBay Find of the Day: Neil Armstrong’s ‘67 Corvette

During the 1960’s, every little boy dreamed of growing up to be an astronaut. And then America achieved the unthinkable, landing a man on the moon. Only a few men had “the right stuff” to be part of our space program, and the most famous astronaut of all remains Neil Armstrong, the first man to put a footprint on the moon.

As it turns out Armstrong, like many astronauts of the era, had a thing for Corvettes, and a special GM program was more than happy to keep them in the sports cars. Up on eBay is a ‘67 Corvette the owner claims was owned and driven by Armstrong decades ago… and though the price surged past a quarter-million dollars, the reserve was not met and the car remains unsold.

During the 1960’s, space exploration was all the rage, and astronauts were as famous as movie stars. GM wanted to capitalize on this fame by providing astronauts like Armstrong with a new Corvette every year. After Armstrong got it, he sold it to another NASA employee, who kept it in a climate-controlled garage ever since.

Looks like crap, but it was driven by a man who went to the moon.

But in February, the eBay seller (who claims to have been trying to buy it for 30 years) finally got his hands on the car, and stuck it on eBay. This Corvette has been modified a little bit, with a new carburetor, water pump, aftermarket wheels and half-finished fender flares. The Corvette comes with NOS fenders. While the eBay auction ended without a successful bid, there’s got to be some sort of price that will cause the owner to part with this piece of history. A true collector’s car, how much do you think Armstrong’s Corvette is worth on the auction block?

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