Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was both the follow-up to the popular Transformers movie and a feature-length commercial for General Motors. Among other new characters, it introduced Sideswipe the Corvette, who happened to look exactly like the Corvette Stingray Concept. It was a chance for GM to show off the Stingray Corvette Concept, a car that is perhaps a hint at the future direction of Corvette design. Alas, it is not a vehicle easily attainable, unless of course you happen to have a PayPal account.

Up for sale on eBay is a Custom Corvette with a detailed bodykit inspired by (but not an exact replica of) the Sideswipe Stringray Concept.

The actual car underneath this extensive bodywork is a 2005 Corvette, powered by a 400 horsepower LS3 engine. With a tune, the seller claims the engine output has been bumped up to around 430 horsepower. This kit was designed and assembled by a professional garage who claim to have been inspired by the Stingray Concept. However there are some notable differences between this car and the GM concept.

For one, they did away with the gull-wing doors, claiming they were impractical for daily use (pffft, whatever). They also did not chop the roof, saying that what little headroom there was in a Corvette just disappeared with the chopped roof. It also ain’t no hybrid, in case you’re wondering.

From the side, it isn’t very appealing, looking almost like it was squished. From the front or back though, it isn’t too bad, and the level of craftsmanship looks top-notch. So would you drop $40,000 on this custom Stingray?