Obviously, not a stock LS3...

It’s been a little while since we brought you an eBay find that wasn’t out of nostalgia, irony, or humor. This one isn’t a ‘78 made to look like the Batmobile, or a stolen C4 convertible found in a storage unit 25 years later. Nor is it even a vintage IMSA race car. The Vette you’re looking at on this page is a purpose-built, and very competitive C6 Formula Drift car that was built in conjunction with Blu808, LG Motorsports, and Hankook Tire, among many others.

Now, before you roll your eyes and click off of this article to look at your Facebook news feed, there’s something you need to know about this C6.

This is not just some head and cam package Vette with a tall spoiler. If you think that, you’re dead wrong. Every inch of this car has been reworked from the ground up – being completely rebuilt using the latest and greatest components available in the aftermarket today.

We’ve spotted it at the last two SEMA shows, and it is quite a stunner – we couldn’t take our eyes off of it, to tell you the truth. The best thing about this car that, it isn’t strictly set up as a drifter; if you’re a “grip” kind of person, with a few minor adjustments you can take it to your favorite road course!

The cost of parts attached to this car alone would set you back $90k, and according to the seller, to duplicate this car from scratch would leave a $230k hole in your pocket, which would buy you a very nice house in the Midwest.

So what’s the going cost of this particular car? To put it bluntly, it’s $120k. Not cheap, and you could buy a brand new ZR1 for that kind of coin, with a warranty. But a stock ZR1 can’t do what this car can.