eBay Find of the Day: Buy A 2014 Corvette…Today!

We all know GM is cooking up a new version of the Chevrolet Corvette that should make its primetime debut sometime in the next year. Some websites think they have the design figured out, and we even stumbled across a video of the C7 Corvette’s front bumper being built ourselves. But today’s find really takes the cake.

While hunting down potential eBay finds, we stumbled across what can only be called a head-scratchingly confusing auction to place a deposit on a 2014 Corvette. This eBay auction comes complete with two lifted renderings and very little in the way of actual information. Is this an attempt to cash in on Corvette fever?

First off, don’t get too excited by the renderings; they were swiped from Car & Driver’s pages, which is a shame because at first we thought it might be the real deal. But no. Instead the auction is merely a chance to plunk $4,250 to be “one of the first” people to get a 2014 Corvette. Basically, you are paying for a spot in line to pay even more money. Whatever floats your boat?

While this auction may not tip us off to what the next Corvette will look like, there are a few things we can take away from it. One, this is a reputable eBay seller with over 800 interactions and 100% positive rating, though many of the items seem to be clothing-related. Very odd…

Does this guy know something we don’t? Is the next Corvette coming even sooner than anticipated? And who the hell is going to give some random eBay auction over $4,000 to maybe be one of the first people to buy a Corvette?

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