eBay Find of The Day: ALMS Champion ’01 Chevrolet Corvette C5R

OK, so we can’t believe what we’re seeing here. This is not a clone. This is the ’01 Chevrolet Corvette C5-R. Spotted over on eBay, this historically significant piece of American road racing history is likely to be a prize for a big collector or even for someone interested in actively campaigning the car, such as in the Goodwood Festival of Speed, HSR, and against other similar GT and prototype cars.

Number “s/n 005,” this C5R was initially track tested by Pratt & Miller in November of 2001, and first raced at Infineon Raceway in May of 2002. This car took four wins during the 2002 ALMS series, followed by another at the 12 Hours of Sebring in 2003. The Corvette went on to dominate in the American Le Mans Series with a clean sweep of ten races during 2004, along with a third class win at Le Mans.

At the time, s/n 005 was used as a GM promotional vehicle, and by 2006, s/n 005 became the first Pratt & Miller-built C5R to be released to privateer hands; sold to Belgium’s Selleslagh Racing Team.

Today, the ‘Vette still touts its original factory bodywork, and is equipped with a Katech-developed 427cui plant producing 800hp with a Hewland 6-speed sequential transaxle, and carbon brakes. Only six hours of run time have been logged on the new powerplant. The total curb weight is just 2,500lbs!

If the current bidding price of $175,100 sounds like a lot, consider that the ‘Vette comes with a sizable spare parts collection including a second engine with headers, two sets of wheels, a full set of carbon brakes, a radiator, refueling and starting equipment, alignment bars, and several other odds and ends; ideal for the buyer wanting to take this C5R racing.

It is also comes with quite a bit of documentation including confidential setup data, supplier lists, FIA homologation paperwork, correspondence with Pratt & Miller, and start up procedures.

Make sure to click on this link to see the MASSIVE photo gallery as well!

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