eBay Find of the Day: A Bizarre Corvette Rat Rod Contraption

Being a car enthusiast means expressing yourself via your vehicle. There are limits, of course, whether it be creative or budget related, but that has never stopped the truly determined. And thanks to eBay, many of these once-secret projects can be shared with the world, for us to praise and/or ridicule.

Today’s eBay find is one of those rare vehicles that deserves a bit of both. We assume at some point, this ’77 Corvette rearended a ’39 Plymouth, and rather than rebuild both vehicles the owners decided to just keep them together, and that’s what you have here.

Not that we are questioning the craftsmanship. This Corvette is an attention getter from the word go, and it may be the best use one can get from a late’70’s ‘Vette. And it’s reliable too, if the seller’s story of driving it 800 miles to a car show are true.

Where the hood should be is your standard modified 350 V8 topped with an oversized air cleaner, backed up by an automatic transmission. Up front is the aforementioned ’39 Plymouth front end, which gives the Corvette quite a different look than we are used to. It isn’t the only, ahem, visual modifications though, like the Batman-style flares and custom headers that dump the exhaust over the front fender. This Corvette is all about being different. And for some of us, being different is what liking cars is all about.

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Chris Demorro

Christopher DeMorro is a freelance writer and journalist from Connecticut with two passions in life; writing and anything with an engine. This has led him to pursue a full time career as a freelancer with a focus on motor vehicles of all kinds.
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