C6R ebay7Many of us wish that we could just buy a C6.R – pop into the local Chevy dealership, place the order, and make payments on it until we’re dirt. That would be the easy way of getting one, anyway. Or you can do what this guy did, and build your own – sort of. On eBay right now is this 2006 Corvette that’s dressed as the #3 ALMS GT1 race car.

Starting out in life as a 2LZ level Z06, it has been transformed, inside and out, into what you’re looking at on this page. Under the hood you’ll find the LS7 pumped up with Vortech V3-Si 6-PSI aftercooled blower, enough to increase the horsepower from 505, all the way up to 650. Apart from the supercharger, and the “custom exhaust,” the car is otherwise mechanically stock according to the listing.

The rest of the car has been given the C6.R cosmetic treatment. According to the seller, if the correct parts couldn’t be bought or replicated, then the project would have never happened. It’s 100% completely drivable, and is legal to use anywhere. Some interesting features about this car is that the decals came directly from Team Corvette, and are 100% accurate to the real C6.R.

The car comes complete with a legit 2008 Team Corvette fire suit, tons of memorabilia and collectibles, all of the paperwork, manuals, key chains, key fobs and a case to keep everything in. While this car (and everything that comes with it) isn’t cheap, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than buying the real deal. Plus, you can drive this one to the grocery store, too.