eBay Find of the Day: $110K C5 Restyled to Look Like C2

With the resurgence of vintage styling in new American sports cars, the trend has begun to spread into the automotive customization market as well. It seems that more and more shops are beginning to take late model Chevrolets and restyle the body to resemble models from the Pony Car heyday of the 60’s, and RK Motors, out of Charlotte, North Carolina, is one such shop who recently listed this very unique 2003 Corvette for sale on eBay.

The C5 has been completely restyled to resemble a C2 Corvette Stingray, while maintaining all its modern conveniences. In the auction listing RK says, “More than $100,000 was spent on the build, and it took more than seven months to build it from scratch. And rest assured purists, no Sting Rays were harmed in the construction of this awesome machine…. Custom molds were created to fashion Sting Ray shaped panels to the C5’s structure, and of the handful of cars built, this is the ONLY coupe.” As unique as the car is, and as much time, effort, and thought as it must have taken to pull this off, we still find ourselves thinking that we would much rather take $110,000 and buy a real C2, rather than a “recreated” one… or better yet, a brand-new ZR1.

We will leave the final judgment call up to you: Is this heavily restyled C5 worth the money because of the amount of talent it would take to put together a car like this, or are they out of their minds asking for C6 ZR1-type money for what ultimately amounts to a C5 with a body kit? You decide.

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