Looks identical to the one keaton drove... not. Images: eBay Motors

The 1989 film adaption of Batman was an instant hit, and is now considered a classic by comic-movie buffs. With an all-star cast, an award-winning director, and a dark, slightly gruesome script, it was a far cry from the comical and campy Batman movie and TV series of the ‘60s. It would go on to win an Academy Award, earn $400M, and even spawn three not-so-exciting sequels, as well as inspire an Emmy-winning, animated TV-series.

We honestly don't know what to say about this cabin, other than it's clean?

Unfortunately however, it would also inspire people to dress up in cheap, latex costumes and build Batmobiles of their own. Some with surprising success, while others… well, not so much.

What we accidentally bumped into on eBay regrettably is a ’78 Corvette that has been morphed (with lots of fiberglass, not doubt) into a weak and weird attempt at recreating the Batmobile used in the 1989 classic.

The seller claims he purchased the Vette in 2001 from a Batman impersonator (go ahead, we’ll wait until you’ve finished laughing), and says the car remains in the exact condition in which he had bought it 10 years ago.

It’s rarely driven (no surprise there), and gets attention wherever it goes, giving its pilot “the celebrity of being The Dark Knight wherever [they] go” -perhaps, but not in a good way.

The wheels look identical to the ones used on the movie car. Only not.

The madness continues on the inside, as the interior is shot with inoperable random switches, a small TV where the passenger glove box once sat, and a mock radar tracking device. No CD player though, unfortunately. You do get a Bat symbol horn cap and air freshener, however.

The seller doesn’t mention anything relevant in the way of any sort of performance modifications done to (what’s left of) this Corvette, so we’re assuming it still has its stock 200hp-ish 350.

Other than the fake rocket booster out back, we can tell the wheels are those of either the American Racing or Center Line variety, painted black, and with the obligatory Bat symbol center cap. It even comes with a spare hubcap in case you lose one. Lovely.

Oh, we almost forgot to ask, how much would you be willing to pay for a car like this -$5000? $10,000? Well, be prepared to double-check your bank account, because this nut wants to kick the bidding off at $109,999.99 to be exact.

Why doesn’t he just call it $110K? For a car that would make you look like a complete imbecile everywhere you went, we think that’s a bit much. Happy bidding..

A set of Corvette tailights we WOULDN'T want to see..