eBay Find of the Day: 1-of-10 Corvette Wagons

Even though GM has stuck to the same formula of a two-door, two-seater sports car since the Corvette’s humble beginnings, they’ve always bandied about different ideas and ways of making the car more appealing. Those ideas deemed too outlandish for the Chevy halo car were often taken up by the ever-creative automotive aftermarket. That’s why we have Corvette sedans, limousines, and even station wagons.

There will always been an odd appeal towards an odd Corvette, and this 1-of-10 Eckler Corvette wagon certainly appeals to those of us with strange tastes in automobiles. It’s up on eBay for $128,888 though, putting it out of reach for all but the wealthiest wackos among us.

You’ve got to admit that there is something deviant about a Corvette station wagon, especially one based on the 1973 model (before they went all huge-bumper on us.) The seller claims that this is 1-of-10 Corvettes built by Eckler. In 1974 Eckler teamed up with Greenwood to produce a more popular version of the Corvette wagon kit.  GM never built a Corvette wagon themselves, though this particular car looks like it came straight from the factory. While we can’t attest to the rarity of this kind of Corvette wagon, there is no doubt about its coolness.

In addition to T-tops and the 350 V8 engine, there is room enough for a large dog as well as a bumpin’ audio system (so much for authenticity eh?) We’ve got to wonder if the asking price isn’t a bit high though. After all, 1973 wasn’t exactly the peak of muscle car performance, nor is it particularly desirable model year from a Corvette collector’s perspective. Then again, this is a very cool Corvette, and a testament to the creativity car guys possess. What other kinds of crazy Corvettes creations would you like to see?

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