eBay Find: Number One VIN 2010 ZR1 with Only 3,577 Miles

There is no doubt that the new ZR1 is an impressive piece of machinery. Even more impressive is a ZR1 with a number one VIN. A 2010 ZR1 with  SN 00001 was recently listed on eBay and can be yours for the right bid. Not only will the ZR1 bring attention, but with the number one VIN, this car is sure to be a collectors item.

The number one ZR1 is stock with the 6.2 liter supercharged V8 engine and six-speed manual transmission. The car is Jet Stream Blue with a dark titanium interior. Though the car passed directly from GM to the dealer offering it for sale, they have still managed to put 3,577 miles on it. The car has never been offered to the public before now and in turn has never been titled.

Per the auction description, “This is a super rare piece of Corvette history. The 1st 2010 ZR1 built vin # 00001 In 2009 they built 3 serial #1 and the 1st of the 3 brought $1,000,000 at the Barrett Jackson sale in Scottsdale AZ and one of the other 2 cas is in the famous Leno collection. With this car you won’t have to share the bragging rights with anyone else.” Not sure just how that all works out, but hey, the VIN plate says 00001, so who are we to argue?

If you are interested in bidding on the car, you have until May 28th. As of late on May 25th, only one bid of $155,000 had been made, not meeting the reserve. If you’d rather not bid and just want to buy the car, the going price is $189,000. We’re guessing that the reserve is pretty close to the “Buy it Now” price. Because the ZR1 has never been titled, it can’t be exported. Good luck to those of you planning to bid. You are sure to own a rare piece of Corvette history if you win this eBay lot.

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