How awesome is this little fiberglass-bodied C1 Corvette Go Kart? So awesome that we want a couple of them for kart races around our building!

What you are looking at is a very rare 1958 C1 Corvette Go-Cart that Chevrolet dealers used as a promotional item in the showroom to build traffic and ultimately sell more Corvettes. Only 200 of these promotional carts were produced in 1957 with the red and white color scheme by a lawn equipment company called YARD-MAN in Jackson, Michigan.

eBay seller, aphillyatedusa, claims that one of these little Corvette carts could’ve been purchased for $146.95 in addition to a brand new 1958 Corvette – that would be the equivalent of $1,184.53 if purchased brand new in this current economy – such inflation!

Obviously, the most desirable of these Corvette carts are the first production run which had a serial number that read 6032-0. The second production run had a serial number that read 6032-1 – there were 300 of these made in 1959 with the turquoise blue body color. The final production run of these 6032 carts was in 1961 and very little is known about production numbers. After that final production run, YARD-MAN began selling frame-only carts through Sears & Roebuck Co. with no body to make it more affordable for the consumer.

This rare Corvette go-cart could be yours for a buy-it-now price of $4,999, which really isn’t terribly expensive for a cool artifact like this. It could also be a cool little restoration project to take on with your little one to get them started on Corvettes at an early age. Check out the eBay listing for more information on this sweet piece of Corvette history!