eBay Find: Late Model Corvette Turned Stingray Concept Replica

This one is a bit of a head scratcher. It seems that some well-meaning Corvette enthusiast took an otherwise fine LS2 C6 and did an extensive amount of surgery on it to create their a replica of the “Stingray” concept car that has been floating around for a few years now.

We found this “unique” C6 while rummaging through eBay auctions, and couldn’t help just stop and stare at if in awe. According to the eBay auction listing, there is a 2004 Corvette (confusing, since that would make it a C5, while the powerplant and details like the door handles clearly are 6th gen) somewhere under all that fiberglass work and, interestingly enough, this rebuild was given a whole new title in 2011 when the build was completed. The description says that the car is a currently just a rolling chassis, and the owner readily admits that it’s not quite a perfect show car in spite of the heavy degree of modification.

We aren’t in the business of telling other folks how to spend their hard earned money, but this is one case where we just have to say that well enough should have just been left alone. It’s understandable that people want to own a unique car, but it’s still hard to believe that a very nice, and tastefully modded C6 has become so common that people are having to resort to slapping on 200 pounds of fiberglass to make it look special.

The auction has just a few hours left to go, and as of press time, the reserve had not been met even though bidding had reached over $16,000.

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