eBay Find: Custom, One-Of-A-Kind Widebody C4 Coupe


eBay is wonderful – you can find all sorts of things for sale there, from cars to dog toys to cameras to horse farms in the rolling hills of Kentucky. So when we came across this unique C4 Coupe we were curious as to what made it so special, and after perusing the listing, we’ve found out all of the details. 

Apparently the car has over $100,000 invested in its creation, and as of this writing the bidding was up to a whopping $7,600 – and the reserve isn’t met yet. The owner states that the car comes with the molds to produce another body, but frankly, we’re not sure whether anyone would actually want to do so.

There are overtones of Ferrari in the taillight panel and ’90’s Nissan 300ZX in the nose come, and the car is nowhere near complete. Of course, if unique is what you’re after, and taking a C4 chassis and powertrain and gracing it with a body that’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before is your thing, then have at it. The car will need to be completely finished, and if the pictures are any indication, that means really finished, as in a complete overhaul of everything mechanical and interior-related.

The car hobby is full of folks who think they have the next best idea, and while we’ve seen other rides that use Corvette underpinnings with a custom-built body, this one leaves a little bit to be desired, at least in our eyes. The owner states that the chassis and driveline are from a 1984 Corvette and the car has been sitting in storage for most of its existence. For the life of us, we can’t figure out where $100,000 went, unless the builders took the cash and set it on fire during the project. The car will need exhaust, wiring, lights, battery, a dash, windshield, and more to be roadworthy. Then again, you could always put it in a trailer to get to your destination…

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