If you’ve ever wanted to own a car like one of the original concept Nomads, you might be in luck. It seems that someone has taken it upon themselves to recreate the Corvette-based concept car first revealed in 1954 and is selling their creation on eBay. So while it may not be the actual GM mach-up, the Nomad concept for bid is about as close to owning the original as you’re going to get. Thanks to CorvetteBlogger for digging up this unique find.

Unlike the first generation Nomads that looked something like a Bel Air station wagon, the original Nomad concept was based off the Corvette. Along with two other Covette-based concept cars, the Corvair and the Convertible Coupe, the Nomad made its debut in New York at the January 1954 Motorama. Legend has it that the trio caused quite the stir at their reveal. When Chevrolet did release the Nomad for production for the 1955 model year, the wagon was nothing like the concept, with a much bigger and boxier stance. Fortunately, the Corvette remained unmaimed in the pursuit of creating other models.

The cancellation of the original Nomad didn’t stop one enthusiast, however. After 7 years of building and $400,000 later, the Nomad concept recreation was made. Using old drawings, documents and photos of the concept car, the creator spared no detail in his recreation, using custom chrome pieces and finishing the car off in blue and silver with a matching interior, like the original car that was revealed several decades ago.

The recreation sports a Chevy 350 and an automatic transmission. It features power brakes, power steering, power windows, air conditioning and an AM/FM radio. The bidding for the Nomad has reached over $52k, but has not met the reserve.

We don’t expect the wagon to go for cheap, especially considering all the work and money that went into creating it. Just like the owner of the car, we hope it goes to a collection where it will be cherished for its historic relevance. If you’re interested in bidding on the Nomad, head over to eBay Motors before October 27th.