eBay find: C6 Drivetrain For Sale


Normally, when the title of an eBay ad reads “2011 CORVETTE C6 DRIVETRAIN ROLLING CHASSIS LS3 ONLY 7K MILES LS1 LS2“, you’d expect to click on it and find the shell of a car, possibly missing pieces, no engine or transmission and maybe a set of stripper wheels and tires.  Not so, in this case – eBay shoppers can lay their hands on a complete “rolling chassis” – as the title exactly states, this appears to be a complete chassis minus the C6 body. All of the parts from the exhaust to the shifter to the shocks are present and accounted for, and in fact look to be in pretty decent shape. Salvage yards are sometimes a good place to pick up a new project, especially if you’re planning on building a race car. But this deal – this is a great one for someone looking to adapt an older car to a modern Corvette driveline. 

Plan on converting a street rod to a late-model drivetrain and want an easy way to do it? Here’s a quick and easy way to come up with 430 horsepower of LS fury to use as you see fit. Maybe adapt the whole works to a C2 body? It’s been done before – wherever there’s a great deal to be had, an enterprising hotrodder will find something to do with it. You might even be able to adapt the pieces to a Factory Five GTM Supercar kit. The entry price to pick up all of this GM-engineered ‘Vette goodness is far less than what it would take to accumulate all of the individual parts and pieces – it’s a steal for the right buyer. Perhaps that’s you? 

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