Though eBay is no longer the place it used to be, with bargains harder to find for legitimate buyers, and legitimate buyers harder for sellers to do business with, some interesting hardware still shows up. Today’s eBay find is a 2004 OEM Z06 Corvette Body and Chassis, also known as the perfect starting place for a new racecar.  According to the seller the body has no (zip, zero, none, nada) miles on it and even comes with a set of door keys. Currently, this bright yellow Z06 features a 25.2 chromoly chassis and funny car cage; this cage is capable of being NHRA certified to 6.00-flat. Regardless of the future direction of the project Z06, the ability to fit a 36.5” slick leaves plenty of room for whatever sick and twisted combination the new owner can dream up.

This auction only has a few hours remaining and only two bids; perhaps potential bidders are frightened by the unknown reserve and $21,500 “Buy It Now” price tag. There are plenty of industrious individuals capable of building this sort of thing, but for those lacking in fabrication and welding skills this might be worth considering.  For those looking to build their own street legal Z06 this particular car is not a candidate due to the lack of the all-important VIN and title. The seller has made every attempt in the verbiage of his listing that this purely a racecar, and a rather nice looking one at that. Check out the auction for more info and about a million pictures.