eBay Find: C5 Corvette “Superleggera”

If you’re looking for a performance bargain, you need look no farther than the C5 Corvette. With many clean examples available for purchase for under $20,000, these iconic cars have become a (relatively) cheap fix for speed junkies. Add to that the incredible aftermarket support enjoyed by the Corvette, and you can have yourself a 500 horsepower car for less than half what a new ‘Vette costs.Don’t like the looks of the C5 Corvette? Well you could get creative and buy this eBay Find, a C5 Corvette rolling subframe. It’s like the world’s coolest go-kart.In all seriousness, isn’t it amazing how different a Corvette looks without a body? It really does look like a go-kart, and it gives you a better idea of exactly what you’re working with; two seats, four wheels, and one really powerful engine. What more does a speed junkie need?

Not much, that’s for sure. With so many coach builders out there offering their own take on the Corvette’s look, it shouldn’t be too hard sourcing a new body, or getting something completely custom to help stand out from the crowd. You could also use it as a donor car for your next project. Or, since it is a running, driving vehicle, you could leave it alone and have yourself a 400 horsepower, $8,000 go kart. Times are tough after all, and we all have to make sacrifices…

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