eBbay is well-known for offering a variety of items ranging from superchargers, collectibles and random items like a ghost in jar or haunted dolls. However, while searching the site for anything LS or Corvette related, Editor Huizenga stumbled upon a very strange C5 Corvette related auction. Currently there is a 1998 Corvette Rolling Chassis complete with LS1 engine and six-speed transmission. At this point the auction seems fairly normal and the $5,999.00 price tag does not sound too outrageous. According to the description the rolling carcass includes front/rear suspension, exhaust, “brake master” (one would guess they forgot the word cylinder) with ABS, brake system, harness, ECM and pedal cluster.

With only 89,000 miles on the engine the deal seems all right and the seller is offering a set of painted aluminum wheels with tires, so there is a little added bonus. However, this where thing get weird, the “radiation” (again, perhaps there are issues with word usage), fuel tank and frame are not included in this auction. Considering the lack of a frame the seller states “This is not a car. This does not receive a title, title stays with BODY of vehicle.” Thus making his or her sales pitch to street rod builders a lot more logical.