eBay Find: Busted C7 Corvette Goes for a Low Bid

busted-2If you’ve been paying attention to the market for brand new Corvettes, you probably know two things. One, you’re not walking out paying a dime less than the MSRP unless you’ve literally saved the life of the dealership’s general manager. And two, even if you get a deal on a 2014 Corvette, the waiting list is up to a year long, depending on what package you want.

The only other option is to turn to an online marketplace like eBay, where you might get lucky and pick up a slightly-used Stingray. And if you don’t mind doing a little body work, a Corvette like eBay item # 301077500456 could net you a good deal on damaged goods.

When the virtual gavel fell on this auction, the high bid was $46,100, which was just $800 below the original asking price of $46,900. Why so cheap? Well besides having over 2,500 miles on it, this Laguna Blue Corvette also had a nasty run-in with something that tore a big chunk of the front end off. The seller swears there is no frame or suspension damage, just cosmetic woes.

For whatever reason, this car didn’t go through insurance, nor does it seem like the damage is enough to total the car. Regardless, in addition to the bodywork, new airbags need to be installed, and those don’t come cheap for any car, nevermind a Corvette. But if you want a Corvette now, and don’t mind having something with a little bit of wear and tear on it, you might want to keep your eyes peeled for another deal like this. 

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