Image Source: eBay

Remember last year at the SEMA show when Forgiato displayed some of their widebody C7 Stingrays? Well, now’s your chance to own a widebody C7 – with less than 100 miles on the odometer!

Everything about the car is still under factory warranty as well, so there is nothing to worry about unless you’re going to modify it more than it already has been (which you will). Basically, this car was purchased, then brought to a shop for the widebody treatment. 

What we like about the car is the fact that the Arctic White color stayed with the car, not some off-the-wall attention grabbing color, however, the car is still a neck-breaker. The car has the Z51 option and comes with an automatic transmission, which isn’t bad at all – we liked the automatic transmission when we got to review the C7 for a week.

Overall, the C7 has been widened 5-inches in the front and a whopping 10-inches in the rear, and since the car is wider than factory specs, the factory Z51 wheels just wouldn’t cut it. Forgiato ECL F2.16s, measuring out to 20 x 9.5 up front and 21 x 12.5 in the rear grace the widened fenders of the ‘Vette.

Like we said, other than the widebody work and the wheels, everything else is virgin and waiting to be tampered with, or not. Some might just want a nice widebody C7 cruiser, or some might want it to be their modified, go-fast cruiser toy.

Either way, if you can afford the buy-it-now price of $149,999 for this wide beast, hit up the eBay auction, or simply place a bid. You can view the auction by clicking here.