eBay Find: A C4 Corvette Turned Dodge Viper

vette-viper-3In 1984, General Motors rolled out the fourth-generation Corvette, and the C4 was better than its predecessor by leaps and bounds. It was met with great enthusiasm and sales, and many people felt that finally, the Corvette was back, and better than ever. Yet by the time 1992 rolled around, America found a new obsession, the V10-powered Dodge Viper.

But not everyone could afford that $50,000+ price tag of the Viper. That lead one creative Mopar fan to create his own custom Viper, using the C4 Corvette as a basis for his ride, which is currently for sale on eBay. It’s an interesting ride, a testament to one man’s determination to turn a Chevy into a Dodge. Let that sink in for a minute.

There is sadly no history given on this project, other than the “donor” car is an ‘84 Corvette C4 with a 350 TPI engine. Hardly the greatest motor GM ever built, and a far cry from the Lamborghini-designed V10 found in the Viper, and that isn’t the only crucial bit missing from this knockoff. Yet somehow the builder found the money for original Viper bodyparts like the hood, wheels, and body emblems.

Bidding is currently just under $10,000, and the winner will have to perform a tune-up (at the very least) before this Corvette-turned-Viper is roadworthy. Maybe while they’re at it, the new owner can clean up the lines and fitment issues presented by trying to fit together pieces of cars separated by nearly a decade. All that said, someone who isn’t familiar with Corvettes or Vipers might be fooled… at least until looking inside.

We’re not sure whether we feel worse for the Corvette, or the bits of Viper stuck to it.


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