eBay Find: 1979 “Wolf Edition” Corvette

wolf-5The 1970s was a strange time in America, especially for car enthusiasts. High gas prices basically crushed muscle cars as we knew them, and while Ford was ruining their pony car legacy with the Mustang II, GM was whoring the Trans Am out to Hollywood. Then there was, of course, the custom van fad, which gave us the trend of painting massive murals on cars, a trend that did not die with America’s love for the van.

Up on eBay is a Corvette we’ve taken to calling the “Wolf Edition,” very obviously based on the fact that the entire car is covered in a unique mural centered on one of the most mystical animals nature has to offer.

We say mystical because the wolf has been at the heart of an untold number of legends, and it has apparently imbued some of its magic into this Corvette. This ‘79 Corvette has definitely embraced its inner wolf, and it wouldn’t surprise us if the owner had a few custom panel vans in his collection as well. This ride just screams 1970s!

As far as actual go-fast parts though, this is a very basic ‘Vette. The “modified” 350 V8 is backed up by a 3-speed automatic transmission with a “strong” differential and a fiberglass composite leaf spring that the seller claims is worth $4,000 alone. We don’t know about that, but with two days left and bidding reaching just $2,500, there’s a chance you could scoop up this mystical sports car for pennies on the dollar. Then you too could howl at the moon with your new V8 ‘Vette.

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