After collecting parts and building hundreds of musclecar engines over the past 34 years, Derek Smith Engines is liquidating its current inventory of often hard-to-find classic V8 engine parts.

Smith, now 69 years old, says he has enough parts to build 54 engines, including 6 Hemis, 25 Chevy big-blocks and 23 Chevy small-blocks. Many of the engines would be period correct for those car owners working on a concours restoration of a ’60s or ’70s musclecar.

The total inventory is currently up for sale on eBay with a starting bid of $165,000.

“I turned a hobby into a business and made a good living out of it,” says Smith, adding that he started his engine shop in 1978 but has been racing since 1962. “This is the least amount of parts I’ve had in the shop in past 30 years.”

Smith says he never fared well at swap meets but rather purchased used parts from machine shops and racers from all across the country. He builds mostly custom engines for customers with very specific requirements.

“You need a ’62 327 fuel-injected engine, I can build it,” says Smith, who works out of a 5,000-square-foot shop in Hicksville, Ohio.

Smith has owned and sold numerous classic musclecars over the years, including a ZL1 Camaro, a Hurst Hemi Dart and numerous Corvettes. He also raced a ’67 Plymough Belvedere once campaigned by Jerry Stahl and won championships in the Nostalgia Super Stock class.

By the way, Smith says he’s open to making deals for specific parts. Check out his listing for more information.