E-Force LS3 Crate Engine – Edelbrock’s Most Powerful Crate to Date!

Edelbrock has taken one of our favorite engines, the esteemed LS3, and transformed it into their most powerful crate engine yet. Meet the Edelbrock E-Force LS3 Crate engine. And just how powerful is that you ask? Well in this video from Edelbrock, Mr. Vic Edelbrock himself tells us that the the E-Force LS3 Crate Engine pumps out 720 horsepower at the crank, and piles on the torque to the tune of 690 pound feet.

For the E-Force LS3 Crate, Edelbrock takes a brand new GM LS3 block and punches it out to 416 cubic inches before they throw in an all-forged Manley rotating assembly with boost-compatible 9.5:1 compression pistons. While we don’t get the exact specs, Edelbrock also throws in an aftermarket cam to help maximize the power potential. For the grand finale the assembled bulletproof long-block is topped off with one of Edelbrock’s awesome E-Force superchargers that pushes around 9 pounds of boost.

Of course, with a built bottom end and starting off with a conservative amount of boost, there is plenty of room to grow if you feel the need for more speed. Vic says in the video, “It can go more for those who want to make even more of a killer engine. But we wanted to make something that will go out there and live a long time and give you the performance you want.”

For more info on the E-Force LS3 Crate engine check out the video, and be sure to click on over to Edelbrock’s website for bi-weekly updates on what’s new and exciting.

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