DynoJet’s Wide Band Commander 2 Helps With Air/Fuel Ratio Tuning

In case you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, the Wide Band Commander 2 is one of the latest products from our good friends at DynoJet, offering tuners a complete analysis for proper air/fuel ratio adjustments.The New Dynojet Wide Band is upgraded in almost every area over the original Commander. Not only does it have a smaller package size and an array of display options, but Dynojet claims a faster reaction time from it’s included Bosch LSU 4.2 Wide Band Oxygen Sensor.

The kit starts with the WB2 Module, which is in essence the “brains” of the Air Fuel Meter control. The module is much smaller the first generation Dynojet Wide Band Commander, features a faster response, and a more powerful set of core features. Dynojet feels however that the improvements in the system are widespread.

The Wide Band Commander is one of the most complete kits on the market and features a simple one wire tach connection on any vehicle, a modular programmable output for nitrous, water injection, timing retard, and other variables.  In addition, this system has the option to do data logging and you can hook up any five-volt analog input sure as TPS, MAF, Boost, or any other analog input.

DynoJet offers a wide range of gauge options for the WB2, including the LCD screen above.

Everything can be monitored by an analog or digital gauge. The optional LCD screen adds the ease of touch screen to control the WB2 and all of its functions right from the driver seat. It also records files with or without a laptop and replays them in the supplied WBC software or exports to a text file.

Wide Band 2 Base Technical Features:

• 0-5v Calibrated Analog AFR Output (Connects to external data acquisition device)
• One wire RPM hookup
• 0-5v analog input (TPS, MAF, boost, etc…)
• Built-in Sensor Condition Test
• Durable enclosure and wire sheathing for years of trouble-free operation
• Dynojet CAN-Link communication , allows for expansion options

DynoJet has created a website solely dedicated to the Wide Band Commander 2 that’s complete with everything one would need to know about this intriguing product, from the benefits and accessory items to an installation guide and tech tips to get you set up and on your way. One can also download the latest version of the WBC software and view online tutorials on the functionality of the Wide Band Commander 2 from this web portal, making this hot new item a breeze to install and program for your tuning needs.

To learn more about DynoJet and the Wide Band Commander, log on to www.dynojet.com.

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