Recent technology advancements have not only made electronic fuel infection extremely user friendly but also damn good looking.

Check out the 6.2-liter LS3 engine from Southern Performance Systems that showcases a trick 8-stack, Weber-like throttle-body setup from Imagine Injection. Not only does this LS gem shine, it also cranks out 567 horsepower with a well-balanced torque curve that peaks at 517 lf-ft.

“We try to keep everything streetable,” says SPS boss John Tucker.

The foundation for this package is an LS3 crate engine, but depending on customer needs, critical parts may be swapped out. This engine upgraded to ARP hardware and received a modified oil pump. The LS3 heads were also cleaned up with a little port and chamber work, and the rocker arms received a Comp Cams trunnion kit.

“We pretty much use LS3 heads, even on 427ci engine,” adds Tucker. “You can take an LS3 head and make them flow as much if not more than an LS7.”

Finally, the long-block is treated to a revised camshaft and custom valve covers that hide the coils before the Imagine system is installed.

Closeup of the Imagine Injection system, which also looks great on engines of all colors!

“Customers want to be different and have the nostalgia look,” says Tucker, noting that the engine will go into a ’67 Corvette “This one has the FAST EZ-EFI system. It doesn’t make horsepower like the tunable version, but the owner just wanted to get in drive it right away.”