Dyno Video: Katech Performance Adds 23 Horsepower to LT1 Engine

A cam-and-head upgrade package for the 2014 Corvette LT1 engine is currently under development at Katech Performance, reports Jason Harding, director of aftermarket operations. For now, however, the team recently posted a YouTube video showing early baseline dyno runs and testing prototypes of a Halltech air-induction system.

“Then we switched over to dyno headers so we could play with the calibration,” says Harding, noting that the eight channels of wideband/EGT numbers helps in testing fuel and timing curves.

Baseline on the engine with cats and stock exhaust manifold revealed 464 horsepower and 459 lb-ft peak torque, which is within four horsepower of the SAE numbers stated by GM. For a more accurate comparison between the different engine modifications, Katech switched to the STP correction factor, putting the baseline at 487 horsepower and 478 lb-ft torque. The Halltech prototype air box added 13 horsepower and 8 lb-ft peak torque. With the headers, the LT1 engine picked up another 10 horsepower and 17 lb-ft torque. No changes to the fuel curve or ignition timing were made for these tests.

“We got the torque I would expect [with headers] but really didn’t get the power,” adds Harding. “Goes to show that the factory manifolds are like a shorty header.”

The engine is currently off the dyno getting the first cam change, and Katech is working with two bare heads in the porting department.

“We’ll baseline them on the flowbench and start porting the old-fashion way and see where we can find some air. We’re going to see what we come up with just doing the runners,” says Harding, noting that any combustion chamber work would add production complexity to the finished product.

The overall goal of the project is to develop a complete cam and cylinder-head upgrade package for the LT1. At this time, Katech says boost options are not in the plans.

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