Dueling Small-Block Powered Geek-Mobiles Go Head To Head

How many comic book geeks or graphic novel aficionados have wanted to know which Batmobile reigns supreme? MSN/Now reported on Super Power Beat Down’s (a new web series) decision to pit the iconic ’66 Batmobile against the ’89 Batmobile in an actual street race. Marisha Ray hosts the battle royal between the vintage and modern modes of transportation for the caped crusader; unfortunately it seems as though the host or the comic experts have a clue about cars.

Based on the speculations of Andy Liegl of ComicAttack.net the ’89 (Michael Keaton) is a “bowl of badass” that will dominate the archaic ’66. Damien Beurer of TheComicBookNerd.com, responded by saying that the ’66 is “classy and badassier” than the more modern incarnation of the Batmobile. According to a viewer poll the majority (77 percent) of their viewers agreed with Liegl and were impressed by the variety of guns and grenades.

In order to prove which machine is more badass the trio talk to the expert behind all things batmobile related, Mark Towle of Gotham Garage. Towle gives the graphic novel enthusiasts a brief synopsis of each vehicle along with an expected quarter-mile time for each. Towle stated that ’66 is based on C4 Corvette platform and is powered by L98 producing 300 to 325 horsepower.

According to Towle ’89 features a Camaro front clip, a 350ci with an aluminum intake, Holley carb and is expected to produce approximately 280 horsepower. Without the knowledge of weight and gearing, it is hard to guess which Batmobile will take the win. A side wager placed by Beurer and the host Marisha Ray; if Ray’s choice, the ’89 lost she would have to wash the ’66 in a Bikini, but if the ’89 pulled out a win Beurer would have to wash the ’66 while wearing a bikini.

With the bets placed, the drivers (from Gotham Garage) strap themselves into the cars and await the signal from the flagger. Thanks to some creative camera angles and a little theatrical driving, the race seems to take an excessive amount of time. Towle stated the ’66 was capable of running in the upper 9’s to 10’s in the quarter, while the ’89 was expected to run in the upper 10’s to low 11’s.

Based on the estimated horsepower numbers these cars are very very light, make more power than expected and/or Towle was having a little bit of fun with our comic loving friends. Thanks to a couple of high-speed cameras placed at the end of the designated drag strip, the end result comes down to a photo finish.

In the end, the vintage Batmobile takes the win by a nose, leaving Ray responsible for cleaning off the ’66. Despite a valiant effort to avoid following through with the conditions of the “friendly” wager, Ray relents and treats the audience to Carl’s Jr. commercial worthy performance (remember Paris Hilton and the Bently). In the end vintage and Corvette-based ‘66 took the win and no one was subjected to the horrors of a tall man wearing a tiny bikini.


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