Dubai Fire Brigade Gets Brand New Corvette

The wait list for the 2014 Corvette Stingray is up to a year long, depending on your option package, though that hasn’t stopped the wealthiest from skipping to the front of the line. Rick Hendricks paid $1 million to own the first production Corvette Stingray, and others are paying tens of thousands of dollars over the asking price to get behind the wheel of their own C7 ‘Vette.

But we’re not the least bit shocked to see that a 2014 Corvette Stingray has shown up in Dubai, and as a government vehicle no less. Drive Arabia took photos of the Dubai Fire Brigade’s new ride, because seeing is believing.

The “rapid response vehicle” used to be a Corvette C6, but obviously it had to be replaced by the latest and greatest Corvette model. More a publicity prop than an actual fire response vehicle, this bright yellow Corvette showed up for Dubai’s annual Air Show, which attracts some of the most expensive exotic and custom cars in the world.

And yes, we know it says “Dubai Civil Defense”, but that refers to fighting fires, not wars. It really is a wee bit ridiculous, even for Dubai, a country that has wrapped plenty of American cars in chrome and even turned SUVs into rocketships. But hey, it’s Dubai, and even though the tan leather interior clashes hideously with the yellow exterior and red accents, “good taste” is determined in the end by whoever is footing the bill…

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