To help ease confusion in the consumer market over the choice of motor oils for today’s wide variety of race and street-performance engines, Driven Racing Oil has expanded its catalog and website to include useful selection guides and tech tips.

The 26-page fully illustrated catalog breaks down Driven’s lineup of products into three main categories: street performance, hot rod and competition/race. Each section offers offers the customary product descriptions that promote the features and benefits of different blends within the categories. There are also sections for specialty lubricants — such as those used in powersports, transmissions and gears, motorcycles, marine and diesel — and ancillary products like assembly grease and coolant protection.

While these capsule reports offer valuable insight into each product, the catalog also provides in-depth technical articles that cover often hard-to-understand topics like understanding the balance between zinc and detergent, why certain camshafts need different oil and how the different “base stocks” affect the viscosity index of synthetic oil.

The Driven catalog offers a wide variety of tech information, application guides and helpful tips in selecting the right oil for street and racing applications.

The catalog also provides charts to help consumers select the right viscosity based on engine temperature and horsepower.  Finally, there’s a four-page application guide that helps the user select oil based on the different types of racing or performance use.

Even more information is available on Driven’s website. The “Training Center” link takes the reader to a wealth of tech information, starting with a story titled simply, “Racing Oil 101.” Additional stories include how to save money on oil, understanding the differences between racing oil and street oil and how to handle and store lubricants and fuels. The section also includes blending guides and tips for engine builders.