The Internet has become the new marketplace, and this massive web boom has opened the doors for all kinds of new opportunities in the world of everything motoring. Virtual motorsports is a hobby that has done more than enough to prove itself tangible as a result.

One of the best things about mobile web is that the devices that carry it do more than just make it possible to check the weather or Wall Street on the run; smartphones can now become a steering wheel or a serving spoon, depending on how they can be made useful in the moment.

Given this, Centerforce has incorporated the programming and graphics design genius of Rat Rod Studio to bring the drifting craze into the virtual realm, not only making it possible to race various cars on a vast choice of tracks from your smart device, but also allowing for users to connect simultaneously and compete against each other.

Centerforce’s Drift Mania Championship 2 APP is currently available on the ITunes Store and Google Play, and Centerforce promises that their ground-breaking drift program will soon be available on the Windows 8 Store. With over 10 million players worldwide, Drift Mania 2 is the web’s number one drift racing game.

The reason is because of the possibilities for serious competition that the game offers with its worldwide database of players and its addictive gameplay, using next-gen 3D graphics to bring the drifting experience to life. The game also allows users to upgrade their rides and up the ante in a fiercely competitive environment.

Centerforce and others are proud to sponsor Drift Mania 2, and if drift racing is your thing and you own an IPhone, IPad or IPod Touch then Centerforce’s Drift Mania is the one game that you’ll end up playing for months to come!