As part of their 100th year anniversary celebration, Chevrolet hosted several Chevy-specific events at this past weekend’s Woodward Dream Cruise. Kicking off the weekend was a Chevrolet parade headed off by GM Chairman and CEO, Dan Akerson.

Akerson drove a red and white ‘60 Corvette convertible at the front of the parade. Riding shotgun was GM Vice Chairman Steve Girsky. The two drove the 12-mile parade route followed by Camaros, Corvettes and 51 new Chevy Volts. Picked at the annual employee car show, 20 employee-owned Chevrolet Heritage cars were also part of the procession.

Vice president of Chevrolet marketing, Chris Perry, told Chevrolet News that the company’s centennial birthday gives them a chance to “reflect on the passion and emotion that have touched the lives of countless Chevrolet owners, families, employees and fans.” After all, Chevrolet ownership and enthusiasm is about what the brand means rather than just owning a vehicle.

In addition to GM chairmen, employees and the spectacle of dozens of Chevrolets, the parade was topped off by a grand start, with green race flags waved by Chevrolet racecar drivers Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon.