There are certain things that are appropriate to be transported in Corvette, such as Selma Blair, shopping bags and the occasional bucket of chicken from the KFC drive thru. However, using a C5 Corvette as a pickup truck is not advisable; Corvettes are not designed to haul boats or a load of stuff from the local Home Depot. They are designed to haul ass.

Unfortunately, this video is liable to anger both Corvette aficionados and female drivers thanks to the probably well meaning, but clueless woman behind the wheel. Not to say that men are not capable of loading up material at a home improvement store only to be humbled when they try to figure out how they are going to get it home in their Corvette, of course…

One thing is for certain; convertibles are almost as useful as truck thanks to additional space. It seems that the Adirondack Guide Boat (it really looks a lot like a canoe) was secured to the C5, but it is safe to venture that the paint is likely to have sustained some damage from coming in contact with the boat. Despite the likely anger and or expletive laden thoughts caused by seeing a video showcasing the torture of a C5, it could have been much worse.

Sports cars and boat launches are seldom a good mix, but fortunately this driver seems to respect her C5 enough to avoid that form of torment. Regardless, it would be interesting to see how the aerodynamics and handling of the car changed on the highway thanks to the giant canoe on the roof.