Do You Know Anything About This Mystery Split-Window Corvette?

Are you familiar with this split-window Corvette? While it may seem like any other ‘63 Corvette, it sports VIN #816 which is proving to be quite the mystery. With help from CorvetteBlogger, Terry Michaelis from ProTeam Corvette is looking for answers and could use your help to determine where this little coupe fits into Corvette history.

The black on black Corvette is a low-mile, unrestored 327/340 HP coupe that was found in a barn. Built on either October 1st or 2nd , the Corvette was created with the famous VIN #684, #701, #787, #809, #813 #875 and #895 Z06 cars and is also believed to be one body number higher than the #813 Bondurant Z06 now owned by Vic Edelbrock. Although it was built among racing greats, this car does not have any sort of racing modifications.

Another notable distinction this car has is special air ducting running from the front core support to the firewall. The question is if this was an experiment in Chevy engineering or just someone’s garage-created modification.

If it is any clue to more information about this car, it was originally sold just a mile away from the center of GM territory by Ed Rinke Chevrolet of Centerline, Michigan. The car spent its entire life in the Detroit area and was once owned by Novi, Michigan resident William Edmonds. The car also has a Banana Splits Club sticker on the back of the review mirror along with a decal from Wayne State University.

For more pictures of the split-window Corvette, check out If you know any information about this car, you can email Michaelis at Lets help Michaelis and CorvetteBlogger solve the case of the mystery Corvette.

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