DIY Video: Rebuilding A Moroso Racing Vacuum Pump

Racers that want to get more horsepower by using low tension compression and oil control piston rings experience more “blow-by” gasses than a higher tension set of piston rings. The benefit of lower tension rings creating less friction is also its enemy of providing an airtight seal between the piston and cylinder wall. Serious racers using low tension rings will combat the blow-by gasses and contaminants by using a vacuum pump to remove the air in the crankcase. 

Moroso’s purpose-built racing pumps offer the advantage of reducing frictional horsepower losses, blow-by gasses and intake charge contamination which aids in the detonation process. Moroso’s vacuum pumps will suit almost any engine or combination. From naturally aspirated Small-blocks to nitrous equipped Pro-Mods, Moroso has a vacuum pump for your needs.

Occasionally, depending on the usage, the vacuum pumps need to be maintained or rebuilt. The task is simple enough to do between rounds at your local dragstrip, whenever you notice the performance dropping off. The advantages of doing the maintenance yourself shows up in higher performance over a longer period and a longer life for your vacuum pump.

The pumps are front loading so the process can be completed without removing the assembly if you’ve mounted the pump correctly. Taking apart the pump assembly is a matter of removing four bolts and pulling the vane pump out of the case. Simply clean the carbon off of the assembly and the vanes, perform a visual inspection, oil the bearings and reassemble. 

The vacuum pump units have been on the market over a decade with tens of thousands of the products out on the racetracks. With simple maintenance procedures, the pumps last a long time before the vanes need replaced and offer a pretty simple way to gain horsepower by using common piston rings that are common in the marketplace.



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