Via CorvetteBlogger, the fad goes on as another C6 Corvette has temporarily bitten the dust – we say ‘temporarily’ because the damage doesn’t look too extensive.

According to, there were no injuries to the driver of the Corvette and that’s a good thing. The accident happened near the exit for Post Oak Boulevard early Friday morning in Houston, Texas – KHOU stated that the driver left the roadway for unknown reasons and crashed into a group of small trees, clipping an electrical box in the process.

In this case, “unknown reasons” can be just about anything – not paying attention, texting, talking on the phone, doing makeup (if it was a woman), driving stupid, anything is possible. The damage to the ‘Vette didn’t seem too bad, though. The front bumper of the car took the brunt of the impact, but it looks like a couple of tie rods will be needed for repair, as well as a new passenger mirror, headlights, front fenders and maybe some more underbody components.

Judging by look of the accident, it could’ve been a lot worse, but we’re glad it was pretty minor because we hate seeing accidents like this, hell, we hate seeing accidents involving any kind of Corvette in general. This accident is another great reminder to always pay attention when driving and to always obey the rules of the road – we can’t enforce, just encourage.

So, when you’re driving your Corvette, remember that these cars are costly to fix and it would be in your best interest to keep your investment on the road, not in the shop.