Editor of Corvette Online, Paul Huizenga participated in NDYCTWD (National Drive Your Corvette To Work Day) by driving Project Y2K to the office. Photo: Paul Huizenga

If you noticed an increase in the number of Corvettes on the road on Friday June 24th, it was not a coincidence or random occurrence. The last Friday in June is National Drive Your Corvette To Work Day, because June 30th is the day that the first 1953 Corvettes began coming off the first assembly line in Flint, Michigan.

Corvette Blogger reported on the annual event and requested that those driving their Corvette to work should submit pictures. According to their article, Mike Yager of Mid America Motorworks, came up with the concept for the holiday to illustrate the popularity of America’s beloved sports car. With the birthday of the iconic vehicle approaching on June 30th, it seemed like an excellent way to extend the festivities.

Many Corvette clubs and owners associations have organized morning cruises where members can drive to work in groups. Paul Huizenga, editor of Corvette Online drove project Y2K into the office today; for those unaware of project Y2K, it a 2000 Corvette and the newest addition to the Corvette Online fleet. Despite the weather conditions across the country, it was a picture perfect southern California summer day and a perfect day for driving a Corvette. At least the Friday crawl on the freeways will be less monotonous with more Corvettes on the road.