Just as you pull away from the dealership lot, your brain is already going a million miles an hour trying to figure out the first mods on your new Camaro or Corvette. To fill that burning desire, DiabloSport was immediately on the case with their Predator and Trinity programmer offerings for the both the 2011 Corvette and Camaro SS.

Purchasing a programmer is probably a good to place to start when beginning to modify a brand new car. No one ever just makes one mod; it may start with a simple cat back exhaust and a cold air kit, but it always ends up being a nearly endless process. There are a quite a few performance products out for both the Corvette and Camaro, but eventually all of those mods will require or at least benefit from tuning.  The Predator allows five custom tunes along with a variety other benefits. Being early on the market with these capabilities doesn’t mean you’re giving anything up later on, because the Predator will allow for future modifications as they become available. After purchasing a new Camaro or ‘Vette your wallet may not be as fat, so the supercharger might have to wait until the tax refund check comes in the mail. When the check shows up it and the supercharger is installed, you will thank yourself for purchasing the Trinity or Predator.

For those who can’t wait to get a little more out of their car, changing the gears is always a cheap and effective choice, but again this benefits from having the ability to make adjustments. Even on stock applications the Corvette can gain 15 to 20 rear-wheel horsepower, while the Camaro SS can gain an additional 20 rear-wheel horsepower. Being the first to offer these benefits along with additional horsepower illustrates DiabloSport’s enthusiasm for performance.