Details On Redline Motorsports’ New C7 Corvette Tuning Program

From the very moment production of the new C7 Corvette was announced, there never was any doubt that tuners and enthusiasts alike would take what Chevy had created and make it even better. Now the famed GM tuners at Redline Motorsports have announced their “Adrenaline Rush” packages for the C7, which will be designed to strike a balance between power, style, and technology. 

“The Corvette has always been the halo car for General Motors, and the new C7 has really raised the bar even higher,” says Howard Tanner, President of Redline Motorsports. “It’s an ideal foundation to build on to create a true American super car.” The Adrenaline Rush packages will start with a set of twin turbos that will kick power output up to approximately 625 crank horsepower (for the street version). “Turbocharging is far more efficient in making power vs. supercharging,” Tanner explains. “Issues like slipping belts, high intake temperatures and inability to control the power is why we are leaning towards turbocharging.” 

Performance upgrades continue with the suspension, wheels, and brakes. The Redline Corvettes will come equipped with their proprietary coil-over Magnetic Ride shocks and custom wheels and tires that will only be available with the Adrenaline Rush Package. “We designed these special wheels to make sure we have the room to clear some massive carbon ceramic brakes which will be an option on the base car and standard on the super car,” Tanner tells us. “The magnetic ride control coil-overs are something we started a while back, and will fit very nicely in the C7 program. The magnetic ride control on the C7 is the latest evolution of the system and we felt it was best to retain it while having the benefits of true four-corner control.”  

To really make the Redline C7s stand out in a crowd they will also be modified with a full carbon fiber aero package which includes a functional front splitter and front mount intercooler scoop, as well as reimagined side skirts and rear spoiler. “We actually have two distinct programs with the Adrenaline Rush package being the more conservative,” hints Tanner. “The second package will be a radical design of the exterior utilizing full dry carbon wide body components and even more power; likely in the 1,000 horsepower range.”

Keep it tuned here for more details on the Redline C7s in the coming months!  

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