Demon Carburetion Introduces New 625 Street Demon Carburetor

It’s rare to see the release of an all-new carburetor these days. However, that didn’t stop Demon Carburetion from releasing an all new one, the new 625 Street Demon, with the street/strip buyer in mind. Not only does this carburetor incorporate the latest technology, it will also allow owners, which own stock or only slightly modified hot rods, the chance to have that performance carburetor you’ve always wanted!

The Street Demon's triple-stack venturii provide a crisp throttle response and unbeatable fuel economy

The 625 Street Demon is crafted from cast aluminum, giving the carburetor flowing contours and a smooth finish. Made to replace any street four-barrel, the Street Demon design also fits either spread-bore or square-pattern intake manifolds without having to use adapters. But the Street Demon carburetor is more than just good looks and an easy fit. It also features a revolutionary design.

Inside the powerful 1 3/8-inch primary throttle bores, you’ll find triple-stack boost venturii. While two of these boosters are placed across the throttle bores in a conventional fashion, the third booster is integrated into the walls of bores to provide superior fuel emulsification.

The unique booster placement also presents a crisp throttle response as well as favorable fuel economy.

Seamless primary-to-secondary throttle response is taken care of by a torsion spring-controlled air valve that sits at the top of the secondary throttle bores. With the help of its distinct contours, the valve helps ensure optimal throttle response between the primary and secondary throttle bores by providing effective cylinder-to-cylinder fuel distribution no matter what the throttle opening rate is. Torsion spring-adjustable, you can make sure that the air valve is properly positioned with just the turn of a screw.

The revolutionary goggle valve provides twice as much air flow to the secondary throttle bores

You’ll also find a goggle valve inside the secondary bores. This valve set at the base of the secondary bores delivers more than twice as much air as the primary bores, giving your car that much desired feel and sound of power.

Integrated into the main body of the 625 Street Demon is the main fuel bowl, which is available in either automotive-spec polymer or aluminum to match the rest of the carburetor. This fuel bowl reduces the transfer of heat to your fuel by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, giving you better drivability in hot weather.

The fuel bowl is also highly resistant to leaks since its bowl gasket is positioned above the fuel level it doesn’t include any plugged passages. Simple installation is made possible with a single fuel inlet and tuning can be achieved with two-stage metering rods without removing or disassembling the carburetor. Cold starts are also a non-issue thanks to an electric-assist bimetal coil choke.

The 625 Street Demon carburetor is available in all aluminum tumble-burnished, tumble-burnished with a polymer fuel bowl, and all aluminum hand polished designs

The new 625 Street Demon joins the line of Street Demon carburetors already offered by Demon Carburetion. Available in all aluminum tumble-burnished, tumble-burnished with a polymer fuel bowl, and all aluminum hand polished designs, the 625 Street Demon starts at just $349.99.

Be sure to check out the new 625 Street Demon as well as all the other carburetor options for a variety of applications from Demon Carburetion on their website!


    • Triple-stack venturii provide superior fuel emulsification
    • Seamless primary-to-secondary throttle response thanks to a torsion spring-controlled air valve
    • Goggle valve delivers more than twice as much air to the secondary bores
    • Fuel bowl reduces the transfer of heat to your fuel by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Available in three different forms
    • Simple to install and tune

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