Dealership and Buyer Dispute “No Reserve” Z06 eBay Auction

One of the great things about eBay is the possibility it offers to score a great car for a great price, as long as you are the high bidder. But we all know about that infamous “Reserve Not Met” reminder that lives right under the highest bid, reminding you that even if you do win, you still won’t be driving your dream ride anytime soon.

But for Mr. John McKee, he was one of the lucky few. He found his dream ride, a 2009 Corvette Z06 GT1 Championship Edition, listed in a No Reserve Auction by a dealership called Lund Cadillac. McKee won the auction for the Z06 with a bid of $56,600, well under what these cars typically sell for. Score one for the good guys, right?

Unfortunately, no…

In the story originally reported by Motor Authority, we are told that when McKee called in to pay for the Z06, the dealership refused to sell the car to him for less than $69,500. As you would expect, McKee refused to pay that much for the car. The dealership claims that they ended the auction early, once they realized that the auction had erroneously been listed with no reserve, so they didn’t have to sell the car to McKee. However, McKee received emails from both eBay and Lund Cadillac congratulating him on winning the Z06. Things only get more complicated from here, and both sides of this dispute seem to have valid claims, so be sure to read through all the new details in Motor Authority’s latest update on this story.

So, you tell us. Who’s in the wrong here?

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